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1kg (approx. 500 tablets)


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The Allrounder

Mineral feed supplement for dogs

Canina® CANILETTEN – the biological power concentrate is indispensable independently of what you feed.

Give Canina® CANILETTEN daily in addition to the food and your dog will be looked after:

  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Calcium and phosphorus – important for the skeleton, bone structure, dentures, musculature
  • Yeast – for the metabolism, appetite and digesting
  • Seaweed – for pigmentation
  • with essential vitamins

We recommend for puppies and young dogs Canina® WELPENKALK POWDER + Canina® WELPENKALK TABLETS.

– are fully developed after just a few hours, while most conventional calcium compounds
are only developed after several days

Trade size:
– 1,000g (approx. 500 tablets)

Components / Ingredients / Additives:
Components: Calcium carbonate, calcium-sodium-magnesium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, 7% yeast, 3% seaweed, sodium chloride
Ingredients: Calcium 17%, phosphor 9.8%, sodium 3.3%
Nutritional Additives per kg: Vitamin A 470,000 IU, vitamin D3 10,000 IU, vitamin E 280 mg, vitamin B1 85 mg, vitamin B2 200 mg, vitamin B6 85 mg, vitamin B12 980 mcg, nicotine acid 630mg, pantothenate 630 mg, folic acid 14 mg, iron 1,225 mg, copper 120 mg, manganese 260 mg, zinc 525 mg, iodine 4 mg, selenium 6 mg
Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Information in tablets up to 10kg up to 20kg over 20kg
Dry feed 1 2 5
Wet feed 2 4 7
Self-made feed 4 7 10

From the 30th day of pregnancy, the dosage should be doubled
(2x maintenance requirement).

The indicated feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

Simultaneous administration of vitamin D2 is not permitted.

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