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Single feed made from the natural moor and moor extract for dogs and cats


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Single feed made from natural moor and moor extract for dogs and cats

The humic substances contained in the moor drink protect the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract and support the intestine-associated immune system, both in young animals and in adult animals. The moor drink for pets is a natural single feed without additives and without preservatives.

Canina® MOORT DRINKERS – Areas of application:

in case of irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, changing stool consistency, flatulence
after antibiotic therapies, the contained humic and fulvic acids smuggle
harmful substances from the intestines and remove thin-bodied feces
the water so that it solidifies again.
stimulates the appetite
to promote growth and strengthen the immune system
to promote fertility in female and male animals
stimulates blood formation
cleans and purifies from the inside
MOORTRÄNKE has a synergetic effect when administered at a later time together with PETVITAL® DARM-GEL.

Content: 250ml

Contents: 2.4% crude fiber, 92.5% moisture, <0.4% hydrochloric acid insoluble ash in dry matter

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

  • Cats: 2.5ml
  • Weight
  • Up to 05kg = 2.5ml
  • Up to 10kg = 5ml
  • Up to 20kg = 10ml
  • Up to 35kg = 15ml
  • Over 35kg = 20ml

Do not exceed the dose of 20ml / per day.

Application recommendation:
Shake before use. The moor drink is given mixed with the feed. Always close the bottle again after use.

Shelf life after opening 2 months. Do not store above 25°C! Do not freeze!

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