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SENIOR VITAL Natürliche Vitalstoffmischung für alte und alternde Hunde.

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Product information “Senior Vital”

Natural mix of vital substances for old and aging dogs.

Does your dog show these symptoms:

Is he sleeping more than he used to?
Does he show reduced learning ability or recognition?
Does he get lost in familiar places?
Does he no longer greet mum and dad?
Does he seek less contact?
Does he have less appetite?
Does he seem restless or irritable?

Then: Canina® SENIOR VITAL

The special mixture is based on the risk factors of the aging dog:

joint wear
decreased blood flow (heart, brain)
decrease in skin elasticity
reduced cell division rate and thus delayed hair growth.

In old and aging dogs (dogs from the age of 7 years), condition, physical and mental performance decrease; all metabolic processes slow down. Large breed dogs age earlier than small breed dogs. SENIOR VITAL is a natural mix of vital substances with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that support senior dogs physically and mentally.

Ginkgo extract has long been known for its circulation-enhancing effects, especially in the brain. It supports the ability to concentrate and performance in learning and thinking processes
L-carnitine helps provide energy for heart activity and muscle work
OPC (oligomeric procyanidins) from grape seed flour act as natural antioxidants and can intercept harmful free radicals
Bioflavonoids are essential for the entire metabolism
Green-lipped mussel powder Joint-protecting substances (glycosaminoglycans) increase the well-being of older dogs. Every third older dog suffers from age-related joint wear and tear (arthrosis)
Rose hip peels with natural vitamin C content to strengthen the immune system
Biotin acts as a coenzyme in building hair (keratin synthesis); As a hair vitamin, it is indispensable for a healthy, shiny coat
Seaweed flour Biotin acts as a coenzyme in building the hair (keratin synthesis); As a hair vitamin, it is indispensable for a healthy, shiny coat
Fructooligosaccharides (F.O.S.) from chicory belong to the prebiotic bioregulators. They form a protective layer on the walls of the colon and provide valuable nutrients for the maintenance and renewal of the intestinal cells. The absorption of nutrients from food is promoted

Content: 250g

Composition / ingredients / additives:

Composition: seaweed flour, ginkgo powder, grape seed flour, mussel meat flour (Perna canaliculus), rosehip shell powder F.O.S.: fructo-oligosaccharides from chicory

Ingredients: crude protein 13.7%, crude fiber 9.5%, crude fat 8.7%, crude ash 13.2%, water 7.5%

Nutritional additives per kg: biotin as a preparation 900,000 mcg, L-carnitine 50,000 mg

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
1 teaspoon per 10 kg body weight, max. 4 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = approx. 5 g).
SENIOR VITAL can be fed daily to old and aging dogs until the end of their lives.

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
1 teaspoon per 10kg, maximum 4 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = approx. 5g)

Canina® Senior Vital is offered mixed with the usual food and can be given to old and aging dogs on a daily basis. Please moisten dry food with warm water.

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