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Canina® |Taurin fur (TAURINE FOR CATS)|100g

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Canina® |Taurin fur (TAURINE FOR CATS)|100g

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TAURINE FOR CATS To preserve eyesight and to support heart functions


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…to preserve eyesight and to support heart functions

The sulphur-containing amino acid taurine is found in all animal body cells and is of essential, i.e. vital importance for cats. Since the cat is not able to produce taurine itself, it has to be supplied with the food.

Canina® TAURINE FOR CATS works:

strengthens the immune system
supports eyesight
supports heart function
improves the skin
improves the hair coat
The symptoms of a taurine deficiency are described as follows:

Degeneration of the retina, blindness
reproductive disorders in cats
Weakening of the body’s immune system
negative effect on the flow properties of blood
Growth depression in kittens
Neurological disorders in kittens
Spinal deformities in kittens
Content: 100g

Composition / ingredients / additives:

Composition: yeast

Ingredients: 83.8% protein, 1.6% fat content, 2.5% crude ash, 6.6% crude fiber

Nutritional additives per kg: 700g taurine

Feeding recommendation per animal per day:
Adult cats up to 6kg: ½ teaspoon
Adult cats over 6kg: 1 teaspoon
Kittens, young cats, pregnant and lactating cats: 1 teaspoon

(1 teaspoon approx. 5g)

Canina® TAURIN FOR CATS powder is offered mixed with the daily food. Dry food must be moistened.

The taurine powder is well tolerated due to its optimal mixture for cats and is very popular.
Regardless of whether it is wet, dry or raw meat feeding (B.A.R.F.): the daily addition of taurine is advisable. An overdose is not possible; any excess is discarded.

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