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CANIVITA |Cats and Dogs| 250g

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CANIVITA |Cats and Dogs| 250g

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CANIVITA is used to cover the increased need for vitamins:


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Complementary feed for dogs and cats

In this great-tasting multivitamin emulsion, 11 essential, water- and fat-soluble vitamins are premixed ready-to-use. Immediately after administration, they are absorbed into the lymphatic system via the mucous membranes and reach the bloodstream, bypassing the liver and small intestine. CANIVITA can work within 10 minutes and the vitamins are absorbed by the body with almost no loss, thus ensuring that the animal is adequately supplied in every living situation.

CANIVITA is used to cover the increased need for vitamins:

When pregnant
in the suckling period
during the growth & development phases
and is indispensable for animals that are increasingly stressed
(Work, dressage, racing, exhibition, hunting and travel)
The vitamins in Canina® CANIVITA compensate for a lack of vitamins even in the case of infections, after-effects of diseases in the gastrointestinal area and during the recovery process, as they are absorbed via the mucous membranes and lymphatic systems, bypassing the liver.

Tip: Put 1 drop under the roof of the mouth with your finger to increase vitality in puppies with weak life.

Contents:  250ml

Composition / Ingredients / Additives:

Composition: oils, fats, sucrose
Ingredients: 30.0% crude fat, 0.5% crude protein, 0.5% crude ash, 0.0% crude fiber, 51.0% water

Nutritional additives per 1,000ml: 500,000 IU vitamin A, 10,000 IU vitamin D₃, 1,000mg vitamin E, 600mg vitamin B₁, 1,000mg vitamin B₂, 250mg vitamin B₆, 1,000mcg vitamin B₁₂, 100mg vitamin K₃, 4,000mg nicotinic acid amide, 1,000mg approx -Pantothenic acid, 10mg folic acid

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
½ teaspoon per 10kg body weight (max. 1½ teaspoon)
½ teaspoon per animal

(½ teaspoon = approx 2.5ml)

The dosage can be doubled during pregnancy, lactation and extreme stress.

The given feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

The simultaneous administration of vitamin D₂ is not permitted.

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