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CAPHA® ANIMAL CARE BALM With camomile and sage - for dogs, cats, horses, birds and rodents


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With camomile and sage – for dogs, cats, horses, birds and rodents

CAPHA® ANIMAL CARE BALM with chamomile blossom extract and sage leaves has a nurturing effect and supports therapy and is used, for example, on heavily stressed, scaly or thickened skin. It is also ideal for the special care of the outer mucous membrane of the auricle and internally to support the regeneration of irritated gums; swallowing is harmless. In birds, the application on stands and beaks / nostrils has proven itself.

CAPHA® ANIMAL CARE BALM was developed in close cooperation with scientists and animal owners. This ensures that it meets the requirements of modern animal care.
The main ingredients are chamomile flower extract and sage leaf extract. Physicians and healers have valued the properties of these extracts since ancient times. Therefore, the selected combination is particularly suitable for the care of stressed skin areas.

CAPHA® ANIMAL CARE BALM was specially developed for the care and cleaning of heavily stressed parts of the skin, mucous membrane and fur of small and large animals and is economical to use.
It is particularly suitable for skin care after insect bites or tick bites, scratches and bites as well as pressure and chafing points, such as those often caused by collars, saddles or bridles.
CAPHA® ANIMAL CARE BALM is just as effective at caring for the cleaning of auricles and heavily used parts of the tail, hoof and paws as it is for caring for paws that have been damaged by road salt after a winter walk.

Content: 25ml / 100ml

Composition: camomile flower extract 3%, sage leaves in paraffin 15%

Application note:
Unless otherwise recommended by the veterinarian: 1 to 3 times a day.

For the skin: apply several drops to the affected area and distribute. Shave hairy areas beforehand. For birds, it is best to use cotton swabs. Avoid contact with the plumage and remove sandy or dusty litter (rodents, birds).

For the mucous membranes (e.g. gums): Apply 1-2 drops to small pets, cats and small dogs, 3-6 drops to larger dogs using a cotton swab, lint-free cloth or clean fingertip and distribute.

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