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Natural Dietary Fiber
  • For a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  • To facilitate weight loss.
  • Natural Dietary Fiber

    • For a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
    • To facilitate weight loss.
    • To improve stool consistency.
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100% pure cellulose with no other additives

Single feed for dogs and cats

Natural Dietary Fiber

for a healthy gastrointestinal tract
to facilitate weight loss
to improve stool consistency
The pure CELLULOSE POWDER from Canina® is obtained from plant cell walls and is – like starch – multiple sugars. Unlike starch, however, cellulose is not broken down but acts as a gut-cleansing, water-insoluble dietary fibre. Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER can be used in many ways:

For targeted weight reduction in overweight by replacing part of the usual food with low-calorie fibres. In this way, no superfluous calories are fed in and the animal is still full.
For cleansing the intestines, to support imbalances in the intestines such as flatulence, changing stool consistency, for optimized absorption of nutrients from the intestines into the blood by maintaining and protecting the intestinal villi; Stimulating the natural intestinal peristalsis.
The improved faeces consistency (firmer and more voluminous) optimizes the mechanical emptying of the anal glands through the pressure and prevents anal bag blockages.
In cats, Canina cellulose powder can help to expel swallowed hair more easily, which counteracts the dangerous formation of hairballs in the digestive tract. Delayed with PETVITAL® CATLAX-GEL from Canina® administered an optimal combination.
In the case of allergies, intolerances or poor acceptance of vegetables, fruit or fermented cereals with BARF, Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER replaces the dietary fibres required for intestinal health in the ration; the fibres are tasteless and odourless, hypoallergenic and can therefore be eaten without any problems.
Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER – versatile, from puppies/kittens to senior animals, for a lifetime.

Content: 400g

Composition / ingredients:

Composition: cellulose powder, 100%.

Ingredients: fat content 0%, crude fiber 80%, protein content 0%, crude ash 22%

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
0.5 g to a maximum of 1 g per kg of body weight, no more than 80 g.
The animal should be accustomed to the cellulose slowly (increase in dose up to a maximum of 1 g per kg over one to two weeks).
dry food must be moistened; BARF or wet food has sufficiently high water content.
If several meals are fed per day, the total daily amount of cellulose should be divided between the individual meals.

For weight reduction, to improve the consistency of the faeces (firmer, more voluminous):
replace approx. 5- maximum 10% of the daily amount of feed with the cellulose. It must be noted that reducing the daily amount of food also reduces the necessary vital substances. If this is done for longer than 4 weeks, a vitamin-mineral supplement such as Canina® CANILETTEN should be fed to keep the metabolism in balance and to cover the animal’s daily needs.

Fresh drinking water must be available at all times to avoid blockages.

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