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EAR BALM| Cats and Dogs|100ml

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EAR BALM| Cats and Dogs|100ml

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For cleaning and caring for the ears|


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for cleaning and caring for the ears

for external use
nourishes and cleans the auricle safely and quickly
deodorises in a beneficial way
contributes to the hygiene of the dog
easy and clean handling
Can be optimally combined with PETVITAL® EAR TOWELS
Content: 100ml

Composition: isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol), arnica tincture, glycerine

Recommended use:
Put a few drops of EAR BALM in the auricle and massage from bottom to top for about 1 minute. The dog shakes out superfluous EAR BALM with dissolved ear wax and dirt.
With regular use (approx. Twice a week), soiling of the ears is effectively prevented.

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