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Josi Cat Crunchy Poultry|10 kg

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Favourite and stomach food with tender poultry

  • Complete feed for adult indoor ...

Favourite and stomach food with tender poultry

  • Complete feed for adult indoor and outdoor cats
  • 78% animal protein in total protein, including tender poultry
  • Bring everything your cat needs every day
  • Valuable fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements for a supple coat and healthy skin
  • No added soy, sugar or dairy products
  • Without the addition of artificial colours, flavors and preservatives
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Fine poultry pan with coriander and …? No, better something clever! JosiCat Crunchy Poultry offers the right meal for all poultry lovers who like it hand-tight – or paw-tight. In addition, the balanced recipe provides all the important nutrients.

The honest pet food from the Odenwald.

JOSI. These are the best ingredients and a lot of care. This is skilled craftsmanship. And that’s a healthy, tasty dog ​​and cat food at a down-to-earth price. Because if we’re anything in the Odenwald, then we’re down to earth.

With Lower Franconian charm and the experience of 85 years of animal nutrition, we provide your dogs and cats with real, regional variety. Whether untamed youngsters, wild robbers or four-legged gentlemen of older age. “Bassd scho!” At JosiCat and JosiDog we fill every bowl. And not with artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. But with great attention to detail, to our four-legged friends and to our homeland.

Because honestly, it still tastes best at home!

Complete feed for adult cats

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